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(C) HS (SM) (C) HS (SM)

My name is Henry.

This is how you pay me,
and I pay my company.

Pay Henry dot Com

I am worthy of your attention.

I see gifted human-trash is still trash.

Legal or Not, I help change some Foreign
and U.S.A. corrupt abusive governments.

I join with appropriate others to help
trap and entrap and devastate any
Criminal Enterprise which could
be part of a Foreign or U.S.A. government.

I am a product of life experience dictated by
my genetic and social endowment, and by
many cultures in which I live and work.

I know that what is right is right, and that
what is wrong is wrong, and that
what is a sin is a sin, and that
what is criminal is criminal.

This is my personal private company.

Our services include International Class 035
business development consulting services.

All my U.S.A. and Foreign services
use my U.S.A. Registered Service Mark.


I live next to Boston U.S.A.; in Brookline, MA 02446

This is in the New York time zone.

I am Strongly Non-Political in my U.S.A.

My public normal U.S.A. 24-hour voice telephone is
my old analog 1972 land line: +1 617 232 3379

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Follow Me. _

Henry Swerdloff, Rigorous Review.

U.S.A. Weapon System Technology.

This Graphic is a QR that loads our normal U.S.A. 24-hour
telephone, our old analog 1972 land line: +1 617 232 3379


If we bill you, we bill in U.S.A. Dollars.

We are a business-to-business operation.

Different national groups prefer to submit
their business payments in different ways.

We may no longer accept credit cards or debit
cards or paper checks or physical currency.

We may no longer barter our services for your services.

Henry Swerdloff of Boston U.S.A. is our Owner.

Our Henry is a reliable very-honest ethical
respectful nice guy with no bad history.

If your company or operation is legitimate and
a quick drive from his Boston U.S.A., you can
hire him for one U.S.A. Dollar for the first year.

If our owner chooses to provide services him self,
he will NOT bill you for those services.
_ You decide
for your self the value of any services provided by
our owner and reward him in a way YOU decide.

To make his continuing participation more probable,
you may contract his personal services
for one year for one U.S.A. Dollar.

If you find his continued fine personal participation is a
true benefit to you, we expect you or your operation
to reward him in a way or amount you choose.

Directly below, we describe his current personal
bank account, it is with the same physical local bank
branch he has used for that purpose since 1972.

Unlike many, he enjoys paying his taxes
because he knows it is another way of his
supporting his loved messy U.S.A. republic.

For quick best recognition of ultimate responsibility,
and for best freedom and protection under law,
and for best U.S.A. legal and tax purposes,
we are an un-incorporated Business,
we are a U.S.A. Sole Proprietorship,
our Owner is our Henry Swerdloff.


Payment Methods.

Each of the 4 methods which follow, will put your money
directly in our Owner's "Henry Swerdloff" bank account.

Use Wire or Paper or Electronics to Transfer
money only in to his personal bank account, by using
only his Personal
Account Number >466002860769<.
This personal number does NOT change.

> If you intend Wire Transfer of money to go only to him,
use this
Bank Routing Number _026009593_.

> If you intend Paper or Electronic Transfer of money to go
only to him, use this Bank
Routing Number _011000138_.

The above bank information describes our Henry's personal
bank account, it is with the same physical local bank
branch he has used for that purpose since 1972.

The more modern method which follows, puts your money
directly in the same "Henry Swerdloff" bank account,
it uses a Payment service named Zelle (R).

If you use Zelle (R) to deposit money into
our "Henry Swerdloff" bank account, use this
specific E-Mail address as our Zelle (R) account ID:

This very-old E-Mail address
is still used by Henry.

Thank You.



With clean hands.

Our Henry assigns work to others that choose
employment with us.
_ He provides a very reliable
interface to projects that require high U.S.A. security
_ He has personal history that supports
adversarial relations with Foreign and U.S.A. entities.

His hands are clean and will remain clean.

_We use this U.S.A. Registered Service Mark
for all our U.S.A. and Foreign services.

Henry Swerdloff, Rigorous Review. (R)

RR, Boston U.S.A., Rigorous Review of
Business and Industry, Henry Swerdloff.

This QR validates then loads
ISBN page from our server.

ISBN number of our
Rigorous Review Web page:

Subtitle: _ Our company Brochure, an honest record.
Book Category: _ True Crime > Organized Crime
ISBN _ 13:9780692131701
Publication Year: _ 2021

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