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(SM)  (c) HS

We can help provide a very high quality
early childhood education to ordinary children.

We are Granny's House Child Care Early Learning Centers (SM).

We are Swerdloff & Associates (SM).

We are a Consultant and Facilitator.

We are reliable, we know what we are doing, we can help you.

The early education of an ordinary child. _ We can provide services as a reliable competent
consultant and facilitator, to help establish or substantially improve a business or non-profit
or government in providing a very high quality early childhood education to ordinary children.

Our participation can include our sitting in on very-private negotiations with private
individuals, or political office holders, or representatives of organized labor,
or those charged with responsibility of properly investing public money, etc.

Private things will remain private. _ Our heritage includes
deep security, we can keep our mouths shut after the fact.

For a business we are available for a fair fee or in exchange for a fair share of
resulting revenue. _ For a non-profit or government we are available for a fair fee.

Our fee, unless we expect to share in revenue as a business partner, as we
meet specified goals we will receive interim payments for our time and skill.

We help establish or improve.

We help establish or improve any business or non-profit providing
very high quality early childhood education to ordinary children.

We expect to reliably provide high quality day care for children in
our market area through our own investments and efforts, or
by associating ourselves with reliable high quality providers.

We can reach our goal only if our staff is truly excellent, and our
facilities are truly wholesome and healthy and safe; and only if
providers we associate with have reached goals similar to ours.

We, working with those we associate ourselves with, can reliably do high quality
day care for children as it should be done, and we can do it at a competitive price.

As consultant or facilitator to a business, we expect to establish a reliably profitable truly
high-quality facility for children, that will reliably provide truly high-quality day care
experience and education equivalent or superior to the experience and education
provided by well-funded public schools that enjoy highly-motivated superior staff.

Everyone involved must be satisfied in the long run.

If we are to share revenue as a business partner, we expect to also
share expertise and expense and risk and the joy of accomplishing in
a highly-superior way a truly worthwhile very-difficult to accomplish result.

Because everyone involved must be satisfied in the long run, we custom make
each partnership different than any other. _ One example of such a partnership
is that to meet our need to keep facility rent in prime-locations very-low during
start-up, we can present facility owners opportunity to join us in a joint venture.

We can produce and present effective revenue sharing proposals to facility
owners, and can also produce and present effective traditional proposals to
traditional public sources of credit and to private individuals. _ We deeply
desire fair long-term partnerships that could make it very-good for everyone.

If you already have a day care.

We can provide proper consultation to facility owners, and perhaps also provide
them with proper senior managers that can come with or without new management
teams, or we could lease or purchase their facilities with or without their facility staff.

We know how to do it right. _ We are Granny's House. _ We can reliably help provide
proper day care for children in reliably safe and stimulating and profitable facilities.

Thank you.

This is her company.

__ Photo Copyright (c) Susan M. Aucoin.

Her name is Susan M. Aucoin.

  She is the founder of this company.

For many years Susan has been very passionate about providing very high quality
early childhood education. _ She created and properly initiated a business to
reliably provide that kind of valuable education to ordinary children.

When economics forced that separate business to discontinue,
she continued in similar work and earned an excellent reputation.

Susan died recently. _ She is no longer physically able
to involve her self in the same way as she did in the past.

Susan earned her success and excellent reputation, and
she and her heritage continue to influence us strongly.

In our local service area, we can continue to properly help establish or improve
businesses providing very high quality early childhood education to ordinary children.

In our local service area, we are still reliably available as a consultant and facilitator.

For a fee, or in exchange for a share of resulting revenue, or for both; we will provide our
services as a consultant and facilitator of early childhood education for ordinary children.

We reliably provide services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.

We will provide ...

With no exceptions, we will provide only safe caring stimulating environments for our
children and staff. _ Our name and Service Mark is "Granny's House Child Care Early
Learning Centers". _ By state law, child care providers must earn a separate state license
at each location they provide service. _ Each location must earn its own license, we will
give you a copy of it when you visit any of our locations when they are in operation.

We could not open our first facility in Thompson, Connecticut; in Quinebaug, on
Connecticut Route 131, at Dudley, Massachusetts. _ Our expected financial backers
backed out, because site problems did not allow start up at our agreed upon target date.

Our co-owner, Susan M. Aucoin, properly initiated this business in 2011. _ Her goal was
to reliably provide very high quality early childhood education to ordinary children at
a competitive price. _ When economics forced her to discontinue, she continued by
doing similar work for others, earning success and an excellent reputation.

Thank you.

Contact us.

Address a text E-Mail to Henry Swerdloff. _ It will be delivered to
an appropriate person that could facilitate our interaction with
you in activities previously administrated by Susan M. Aucoin.

Please Copy and Paste address from line directly above.
E-Mail text with no graphics or attachments or active links.
Your private communication with us will remain private.

Our Web pages contain forward looking plans that may not be identified as such.



January 11, 2017.

Our goal is for us to reliably provide high quality
care and education for ordinary children.

We know we can reach our goal only if our staff is truly excellent,
and our facilities are truly wholesome and healthy and safe.

We, through our partnership efforts and eventually at any of our own Granny's House
operations, expect to provide realistic career employment opportunities for the smartest
and most passionate of the best-qualified team-oriented wholesome persons we can find.

Expect that we will strive greatly to place employees only in healthy environments
with proper support, because our owners have been miserable while working in
other kinds of environments, and because they know it will help employees
and their students thrive, and because they know it is very-good business.

We are developing a private list of qualified employment applicants
that may be suitable for us as we evolve or for expected partners.

We expect to interview and investigate applicants
only when employment needs present themselves.

By applying to us to be eventually employed by us or expected partners for any position,
you are giving us your durable explicit permission for us and our contractors to
seek out and develop and consider any information regardless of its source.

We use contractors to develop deep intelligence on applicant suitability,
because we find character and judgment is as important as skill,
and the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

As a formal request to be eventually employed by us or our expected partners,
please mail on paper to this address your personal and work history,
and a clear photocopy of your current government issued photo ID:

Granny's House
Henry Swerdloff
9 James Street
Brookline, MA 02446

For employment, you will deal directly with our
headquarters, we use no agents for that purpose.

Any position we judge appropriate for you may not be available now or later.

Our Web pages contain forward-looking plans that may not be identified as such.



Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 by our Henry Swerdloff.

This document was published near Boston U.S.A. on January 11, 2017.

All U.S.A. and international rights are reserved
by our Henry Swerdloff and our Susan M. Aucoin.

All graphics and photos published by us are published under proper license.
All U.S.A. and international rights are reserved by their identified owners.
All have Copyright (c) or Public Domain notification adjacent to each.

We are licensed to use and modify and derive-from and publish a specific
Copyright (c) Jacek Chabraszewski - Fotolia photo and its graphic-content.
Graphic at top and bottom of this Web page was derived from content
of that photo, and it is now a Service Mark (SM) of our business,
each is labeled (c) HS, they are Copyright (c) Henry Swerdloff.

(SM)  (c) HS


We have good history.

Another part of our company provides rigorous review and training of
physical security of any large facility and other good things reliably done.

Additional verifiable information regarding the evolution of
our Susan and our Henry and our company can be found here.


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We are a BBB A+
Accredited Business.

Henry Swerdloff

Swerdloff & Associates BBB number is 185590.

Swerdloff & Associates BBB number includes our
Rigorous Review and Henry Swerdloff identities.

We would sometimes do business under different company names.
All share my personal Dun & Bradstreet (SM) D-U-N-S (R) number 159989362.

Henry Swerdloff

Since 1972 our publicly listed land line telephone
number has been 617-232-3379 (+1 617.232.3379).

Since 1975 we have been at our current Massachusetts
street address, next to Boston in Brookline 02446.

My name is Henry Swerdloff.

It is vital to my self esteem that
your experience with us be very good.

My ultimate goal is that the result of our activity
is an enduring positive legacy to posterity.

Thank you.

End of document.

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We sincerely thank you for allowing us to share with you.